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MiniDM Facebook Poster is a easy to use, powerful Facebook posting Chrome extension

that you can use to schedule and post to Facebook profiles, groups and pages.

Post to Facebook

Save Content Ideas, Pre-Schedule Facebook Posts

  • ⚡ Post to Facebook Profiles, Groups and Pages
  • 🤩 Save time, increase leads and sales
  • 👍 The only tool you need to manage and market on Facebook


Without lifting a finger!

Just spend 15 minutes a week scheduling your posts with MiniDM Poster and it will keep posting to Facebook for you all week and you can focus on other parts of the job!

  • Effortless postings on background
  • Make postings seem completely natural
  • No flags, bans or blocks


Save 2-3 hours everyday

Are you interested in menial labour? Or you actually value your time and want to achieve good results without working on small things that you can automate?

MiniDM Poster will save 2-3

hours of your time everyday and help you get work done.


Posting to Groups, Pages & Profiles

MiniDM Poster Works Everywhere You Promote on Facebook. Including:

Your Personal Profile: Schedule posts to your personal profile and have them posted all day every day at your preferred time!

Your Facebook Groups: Facebook groups are a secret weapon to build an audience, get leads, and make sales. MiniDM Poster works in any group.

Other People’s Facebook Profiles: You can post to any profile on Facebook with MiniDM Poster that you can normally post to.

Facebook Pages: Post to your Managed Facebook pages with ease with the best Facebook scheduler, MiniDM Poster.

If you’re marketing on Facebook, you know how hard it is to post to Facebook one by one, especially groups

You have to go to each group one by one and enter your message, upload your image, not to mention having to wait a few minutes after each post and sometimes hours to account for the time delay to not look spammy.

It’s too much work, and feels like most of your day is gone into working on Facebook. That’s the time you can never get back, but you can save that time with MiniDM Poster.


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